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Ass Rattler Weighted Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug

Ass Rattler Weighted Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug


Discover a whole new world of pleasure with these inflatable silicone anal beads. These unique beads feature heavy steel balls covered in stretchy, silky-smooth silicone for the ultimate experience. With a flanged base and a cord extending out of the backdoor, these beads are perfect for long play sessions and comfortable wear. But the fun begins when you use the included bulb hand pump to inflate the beads from 1.2 inches to 2.8 inches wide, adding extra pressure and sensation to your A-spot or P-spot. Control the inflation with the built-in, quick-release valve and experience heightened pleasure as gravity pulls on the steel balls inside you. And with the added pressure, all other sensations and touch will be intensified. To use, add some lube, insert one ball at a time, and slowly inflate to your desired comfort level. Remove the hose and keep the pressure while you pleasure yourself or a partner. Clean with warm water and soap, and use with water

Measurements: Overall length: 28.75 inches. Deflated: 5.1 inches insertable length, 1.2 inches widest insertable diameter. Inflated: 8 inches insertable length, 2.8 inches widest insertable diameter. The plug alone weighs 3.6oz.

Materials: Plug: Silicone Weighted balls: Steel Hose & bulb: PVC, metal

Colour: Black

Note: Use only with water-based lubricant.

Key Features:
Inflatable Plug: This anal plug has two inflatable balls that start at 1.2 inches in diameter and swell up to 2.8 inches in diameter! Designed to go deep into the rectum, they will fill you up and press against your A-spot or P-spot!
Removable Hose: The plug can stay in place and inflate even after the hose is removed. The wide, flanged base keeps it safely in place.
Weighted Balls: The two balls are spaced out along the cord. They start at a small diameter for easier insertion and then expand. Inside the balls, weighted steel adds pressure and a pleasant, downward pull.
Quick Release: The inflatable plug has a pump with a soft bulb for easy pumping and a quick-release valve to control the speed and release pressure fast or slow.
Soft Silicone: Made out of soft, smooth, premium silicone.

Features: Premium silicone, 2 weighted balls inside the plug rattle around as you move, Plug stays inflated when the hose is removed, Soft bulb for easy pumping, Equipped with a release valve for slow or quick deflation

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